B. Bawono Kristiaji

B. Bawono Kristiaji

It is indeed a pleasure to be granted an opportunity to extend my knowledge in taxation. In this way, DDTC, Indonesia, has provided me with full financial and administrative support through Human Resource Development Program (HRDP).

For this, I should thank to Mr. Darussalam, the Managing Partner, as well as my mentor, who officially assigned me to more than a few of the world’s best universities, namely Leiden University, Georgia State University, as well as Tilburg University. During my training, Mr. Danny Septriadi, Senior Partner in DDTC was both encouraging and thoughtful, hence I thank him very much. All support from colleagues and staffs in DDTC is gratefully acknowledged.

Throughout my career within DDTC, I have been given countless opportunities to represent my Company at many trainings, seminars, workshops and conferences. In international events, I have travelled to quite a number of places, from Amsterdam to Rust, from Mumbai to Brussels, to share my views on transfer pricing, tax policy and other tax development agenda.

I was also blessed to be granted an Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT) from Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT), UK. In 2016, I was also awarded Albert J. Radler Medal from Confédération Fiscale Européenne's (CFE) for the best thesis in European Taxation. These achievements would not have been possible without the knowledge that I received under HRDP – DDTC.

To end with a positive note, I hope my knowledge will give a positive return to DDTC’s betterment and future Indonesian tax situation.