There is more to DDTC than an ordinary tax consultant

There is more to DDTC than an ordinary tax consultant

DDTC is a research and knowledge-based tax institution, as well as a unit of various taxation activities with high standards, namely consulting services (DDTC Consulting), center of tax review and research (DDTC Fiscal Research), taxation journals (DDTC Working Paper), tax training center (DDTC Academy), provider of tax law documents (DDTC Tax Engine), library (DDTC Library), and taxation news portal (DDTC News) that serve as the main reference in the field of taxation. More than an ordinary tax consultant, we strive to accomplish extraordinary missions that we continuously develop together with our young professionals who embrace challenges and engender constant innovation.

We provide quality and comprehensive tax services that exceed our clients’ expectations. We contribute to initiating issues and formulating tax policies as an effort to ensure a balanced tax system transformation to support a better tax system. We share knowledge by providing the best quality tax education as a conducive learning tool to improve the quality of tax human resources in Indonesia.

We are committed to promoting tax literacy by presenting quality and reliable tax news and articles so as to eliminate tax information asymmetry. Moreover, we provide a search engine facility for various tax regulations and tax court decisions with attractive features to help you comprehend taxation issues.

We facilitate your tax knowledge through DDTC Library with a collection of more than 2,700 international books and journals, a tax knowledge center that is open to the public. Without official service, we send our professional staff to pursue master’s degrees in the best universities around the globe and to attend numerous international training, seminars, and courses.

We are supported by multi-discipline professionals from a large number of renowned universities in Indonesia and abroad with certifications in taxation. Our Managing Partner, Darussalam, is involved in a number of organizations, serves as an active speaker at tax events, and regularly writes articles on taxation. In addition, Darussalam is one of the World 's Leading Transfer Pricing Advisers in Indonesia in 2018. Our Senior Partner, Danny Septriadi, is one of the World’s Leading Transfer Pricing Advisers in 2015 and 2017. Danny Septriadi has also served as an expert witness in international arbitrage pertaining to tax disputes in London.

Our partner, Bawono Kristiaji, won the CFE of the Albert J. Radler Medal in 2015 for his thesis at Tilburg University, a prestigious award for thesis across Europe. Bawono Kristiaji is also frequently invited as a speaker at international conferences and forums. Our Senior Manager, Yusuf Wangko Ngantung, was awarded WTS Award in 2014, a prestigious award from the Vienna University of Economic and Business for the best thesis.

According to the International Tax Review, we are in the first tier as a leading transfer pricing tax consultant in Indonesia and as a tax institution, we are in the second tier. Furthermore, DDTC was selected as a recommended firm in Indonesia in 2018. We actively share our thoughts and knowledge through books, magazines, and journals both domestically and through international books, journals, and other publications.

The trust and support of the tax society are an integral part of our achievements. On this ground, we have developed CSR programs to help shape the tax society. Further, we have established educational cooperation with universities and high schools in Indonesia. For over a decade, we have brought colors to the Indonesian taxation with an ethos that not only prioritizes work but also shares and completes one another like a family.

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