We have published six books covering domestic taxation and international taxation. Soon, we will also publish a new book to enrich transfer pricing knowledge in Indonesia and prove our expertise in these fields.


Buku Transfer Pricing (2017)
Transfer Pricing: Ide, Strategi, dan Panduan Praktis dalam Perspektif Pajak Internasional

This revised edition is the updated version of the book Transfer Pricing: Ide, Strategi, dan Panduan Praktis dalam Perspektif Pajak Internasional (Transfer Pricing: Ideas, Strategies, and Practical Guidance in International Tax Perspective). In this book, DDTC provides updates related to transf…

Keterbukaan Informasi untuk Kepentingan Perpajakan
Keterbukaan Informasi untuk Kepentingan Perpajakan

This book encompasses 10 Chapters covering the guidelines / procedures of data / financial information access mechanisms that the tax authority, financial institutions, non-financial institutions, other entities are obliged to acknowledge. This book is required as guidance for the aforementioned…

Membangun Sistem Pajak Berbasis Paradigma Kepatuhan Kooperatif
Membangun Sistem Pajak Berbasis Paradigma Kepatuhan Kooperatif

Taxes are more than merely an important component in development funding and state building. Taxes are also the main frontier of fiscal contracts as well as the interaction of the state and the society in a democratic climate. Thus, the tax should not only refer to acceptance and regulation…


Perjanjian Penghindaran Pajak Berganda

This book comprises 28 chapters which review international tax concepts from Income Tax Law perspective in Indonesia, model and application of Double Tax Avoidance Agreement, and the interpretation of each chapter…

Buku Transfer Pricing
Transfer Pricing: Ide, Strategi, dan Panduan Praktis dalam Perspektif Pajak Internasional

Principally, this is book is a combination of ideas, strategis and practical ideas in international tax perspective which is required in review of transfer pricing. The three aspects are proportionally summarized in every chapter. This book is organized from numerous literature, interactions with pr…

Buku Konsep Aplikasi Perpajakan Internasional
Konsep dan Aplikasi Perpajakan Internasional

This book reviews international tax basic concepts and how to systematically and step-by-step apply Double Tax Avoidance Agreement. The review in this book begins with international tax basic concepts, model, application, and interpretation of Double T…

Buku Cross Border
Konsep dan Aplikasi Cross-Border Transfer Pricing Untuk Tujuan Perpajakan

In trade which has entered the era of globalization, transfer pricing issue has become the main highlight in the world of taxation. Transfer pricing issues are currently the concern for both the Directorate General of Taxes and Taxpayers. This is in accordance with the practice in numer…

Buku Kapita Selekta
Kapita Selekta Perpajakan

In this book, the Author does not review tax laws stipulations in detail. However, we provide taxation concepts and taxation comparisons with other countries, thus it is expected that the readers can easily comprehend the current taxation issues in Indonesia and appropriate resolution alternatives. …

Buku Membatasi Kekuasaan
Membatasi Kekuasaan Untuk Mengenakan Pajak: Tinjauan Akademis Terhadap Kebijakan, Hukum dan Administrasi Pajak di Indonesia

This book reviews the controversy of the amount of the government’s power to impose tax which is greatly complained about by Taxpayers. It began with UUD 1945/the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, due to its concise and flexible nature, does not stipulate restrictions to impos…

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