Pajak Mania

Pajak Mania

"Everything you need to know about Transfer Pricing is in this book."

"As I know as a practitioner, Transfer Pricing belongs to foreigners and all of the books about it are in English. However, Transfer Pricing issue has lately become rampant in Indonesia. Transfer Pricing issue stores a huge amount of money and is the center of attention of numerous parties. In the future, Transfer Pricing will become a subject in taxation lectures, however Indonesian Transfer Pricing textbooks are not available yet.”

"However, my doubt about this issue finally came to an end when I came across this book with its red and green apple cover depicting arm’s length principle."

"This is the first book on Transfer Pricing pertama in Indonesian which contains everything that is needed to know about Transfer Pricing. This book is complete and is a reference for Transfer Pricing in Indonesia and will definitely be a textbook in numerous academic meetings. Written by experts at DDTC and organized by Pak Darussalam, Danny Septriadi and Bawono Kristiaji, this book uses easy-to-comprehend language and covers the essence of Transfer Pricing. The knowledge base, how to apply and the current updates of Transfer Pricing are thoroughly reviewed in this book."

"Last but not least: Attending Transfer Pricing Course at DDTC and reading this book is a complete package of learning about Transfer Pricing!"